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PTO Membership includes TWO Directory App Keys, the ability to print a hard copy if desired, ability to order Hot Food on Mondays and Fridays, volunteer for class parent as well as any other committees and events, and ability to receive email updates with important school and PTO information.

Our 2018-2019 PTO Public Meeting Dates:  

All PTO meetings will commence at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.   

September 28, 2018  - Memorial School Welcome Back Breakfast for parents 

October 25, 2018 - Fieldstone Middle School 

November 30, 2018 - Memorial School

January 11, 2019 - Fieldstone Middle School 

March 21, 2019 - Memorial School 

May 16, 2019 - Fieldstone Middle School 

June 14, 2019 - Memorial School 

PTO meetings are a great opportunity to get full updates on past, current and future PTO events, discuss new opportunities for involvement as well as receive updates from our Administration on the happenings our schools.  

The PTO provides "Pizza Mondays" and "Sandwich/Bagel Fridays".  This is a great opportunity to support the PTO and take a break from making lunches at the same time!  Purchase is available twice a year through the "For Sale" section of our website during open ordering sessions.  Ordering Dates are announced prior to and during the open order sessions. 

For more information on the PTO Lunch Programs, please see the "More Info" tab, "PTO School Lunch Programs".

To Order Hot Lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays visit

The Montvale Educational Foundation (MEF) is our partner organization. Please visit for information.  

Online Shopping Fundraisers:

Amazon, Macy's, and Barnes & Noble, just to name a few, donate back to the PTO when you order via the Montvale PTO website.  For a full listing of what stores participate click on the "View all Merchants" link below or click on the Fundraising tab

When you order from the Shutterfly Storefront 13% of the order will be donated to the Montvale PTO

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Montvale PTO Committees


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2019 3 R's Day May 17th
Chair:   Melanie Seickel Chairperson, Kristen Babb & Kristen Driver Co-Chairs

3 R's Day stands for Respect, Reflect and Remember.  This is a special one day event that happens once every two years.  It is an all day program where speakers from all different walks of life and with many diverse stories to tell come to Fieldstone and talk about their trials and tribulations and how and what they did to overcome them.  It is a wonderful day where students and staff get to listen to these speakers and perhaps be inspired.  We hope you can help in some way no matter how small.

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Hot Food Fridays - Memorial
Chair:   Jess Gray

Serve Bagels and Sandwiches

Hot Food Mondays (Pizza) - Memorial
Chair:   Gia Romano, Heidi Davis and Gina Fasulo

Serve Pizza at lunch

Library Committee
Chair:   Jessica Panagiotou Chair

On this committee, you will assist the students with checking out books, reshelving books, keeping library organized and any other duties required by Mrs. Westervelt.  


This committee manages PTO membership

PTO Meeting Minutes
Chair:   Board Members
Winter Carnival
Chair:   if interested in this position please contact

Last year was our first Winter Carnival. This event is not to be missed!  Carnival games, loads of prizes and fun, fun, fun!

We need plenty of volunteers to help with the games.  Students from the Middle School and High School can volunteer for the games.   

YearBook Committee 2018-2019
Chair:   Annette Vozzolo- Chairperson

This committee will assist the Chair with gathering photos, acquiring advertisements from local businesses and parents wishing to send messages to their children and putting together the final product of the yearbook.  This committee will also assist with distributing yearbooks.  

2019 4th Grade Picnic Committee
Chair:   Carolyn Roche and Melanie Paxinopoulos

A traditional celebration to mark the end of the 4th graders time at Memorial Elementary School.

2019 8th Grade Mixer
Chair:   Chairperson Needed please contact

8th Graders from Montvale and Woodcliff Lake meet and greet. Please email if your interested.


7th Grade Parent Chaperones for 8th Grade Dance
Chair:   Chairperson needed

This committee is made up of 7th grade parents who will chaperone this year's 8th Grade Dance on June 20, 2019.  In addition to chaperoning the dance, this committee is also responsible for taking pictures of the children the night of the event as well as downloading the photos on Snapfish.  This is a great opportunity for the 7th Grade Parents to see what the dance is about and to get ideas for the dance for their own children for next year.

Very easy committment.  Perfect for someone who works full time!  

Fieldstone Fridays
Chair:   Tara Hill

Fieldstone Fridays are a great way for the kids to get out and see their friends in a safe and fun environment.  Snacks, DJ and other activities are planned.

Volunteer to help chaperone the events.  Usually help on 2-4 Fridays throughout the school year.

Back-To-School Night Fundraiser - Memorial
Chair:   Kristen Driver & Kristen Babb - Co-Chairs

Back to School Night Fundraiser  This has been a successful PTO fundraiser and tradition for many years. Please volunteer to help price and/or sell various items to kick off the school year.  Volunteers are also needed to make phone calls so this is a great committee to get involved in if you work full-time! 

Book Fair - Memorial School
Chair:   Nicole Petrillo and Johanny Caro-Kaplan- Co-Chairs

Your help is needed to sell books and related items to students at the Memorial School, usually scheduled in the winter.

 One or two hour shifts are usually scheduled.


Box Tops & Labels for Education
Chair:   Debbie Peck and Fenesha Holmes

During the school year, school families collect “Box Tops for Education” from General Mills products. Volunteers help collect the Box Tops from the schools, count them, and mail them for reimbursement.

The first half of the year is the "Treasure Box". where children pick a prize for filling up a sheet.

The second half of the year the students will celebrate their school year collection with a special "Box Tops Thank You Lunch" during Field Day!!!

Fieldstone Book Fair
Chair:   Tammy King & Kelly Mashini - Co-Chairs

On this committee, you will help students with purchasing books.  You will also assist with setting up the Book Fair for display and dismantling the display when the Book Fair is over.  This is a great opportunity to see what books are for sale and get some great books for the kids!


Holiday Boutique - Memorial School
Chair:   Judith Thomas and Heather Kaplin- Co- Chairs

On this Comittee, you will assist with setting up the display for the Holiday Boutique, assist students in purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends, and dismantling the displays on the last day of the sale.  Volunteers are needed in several shifts so you do not have to be their for the entire day.  

Hot Food Fridays - Fieldstone
Chair:   Tara Hill

Help serve Sandwiches & Bagels - Two hour shift

2018 Ice Cream Social - Memorial School
Chair:   Chris Roche, Carolyn Roche

This year the Ice cream solcial will be September 21, 2018 0Fun, games and make-your-own sundaes! A great night out for the whole family. Volunteers are needed to: help collect ice cream order forms, set up, and serve on the night of the social.  We also need volunteers to help with tattoos, face painting and chaperoning.

International Day
Chair:   Contact if interested in this position

This is a special day where parents provide approved tastings from their respective countries of origin.  We have had many Countries represented in the past including, Armenia, China, Greece, Ireland, India, Japan, United States and many more!  We welcome all parents to get involved on this day.  

Kidstuff Coupon Book Fundraiser
Chair:   Daniele Kass and Joann Catalfumo - Co-Chairs

Volunteer to help with the sale of Kidstuff Coupon books at Memorial School.

Memorial School Art Fundraiser
Chair:   Hilary Delgado

Last year we held a fundraiser with the assistance of our Fabulous Art Teacher Mrs. Escofferey in creating and selling wonderful lasting pieces of Art for purchase by parents for gifts.  This is a great, easy fundraiser that will be treasured for years to come.  

PTO Bulletin Board - Memorial School
Chair:   Gina Fasulo

Someone is needed to help update/decorate the school bulletin board at Memorial School and to keep it current.  

PTO Scholarship Committee
Chair:   Susan Buonocore

Works with staff and Administration to handle submissions, judging, and presentation of winners for the following Ethel Stalter Scholarship and Suzanne Nemeroff Art Award.

School Toolbox
Chair:   Cindy Merlino

Chairpersons are needed to submit orders, coordinate unpacking & distribution

Volunteers are needed to help unpack, and sort toolboxes for all students who ordered. Distribution at Memorial School.

Summer Book Fair - Memorial School
Chair:   Kristin Zoelle & Elena Maridiaga- Co-Chairs

Your help is needed to sell books and related items to students at the Memorial School, usually scheduled towards the end of the school year.

 One or two hour shifts are usually scheduled.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Fieldstone
Chair:   Margaret Ohnikian & Hyunjoo Linder - Co-Chairs

Committee volunteers prepare and serve a festive lunch for the teachers and staff at Fieldstone. It is a way to thank all our teachers for their hard work during the school year. Please consider volunteering.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Memorial School
Chair:   Debra Stephans & Dina Madonick

Committee volunteers help prepare and serve a festive lunch for teachers and staff at Memorial School. It is a way to thank all of our teachers for their hard work during the school year. Please consider volunteering, it's such a great way to spend some time with the teachers and administration.  

Teacher Welcome Back Breakfast
Chair:   Judith Thomas

The PTO provides breakfast to the teachers on their first day back.        This is a wonderful tradition that could not take place without the help of all volunteers who provide home made and purchased items for this breakfast. Please sign up to help this year.  


Trivia Night March 2, 2019
Chair:   Michelle Hallenbeck & Carolyn Roche- Co-Chairs

Trivia Night is a fun and exciting way to show your smarts! Grab a group of family and friends to compete against other teams for the title of Montvale's Smartest!

We need plenty of volunteers to help us make this event the huge success it is!  We will need volunteers to help get acquisitions, we will need volunteers to help set up the night of, we will need volunteers to help clean up.  

Please consider volunteering for this event.  Most of our auction items are donated by families, business, places that our parents work etc.  If you would like to donate something, please contact our chairs.  


Web Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
Chair:   Chairperson Needed please contact if interested

We are looking for someone to head up this committee.  This committee is responsible for recruiting local vendors and asking them to advertise or sponsor us on our website.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser
Chair:   Maureen Sutton

Volunteers are needed to help sort through order forms and to distribute merchandise on scheduled pick-up dates.



Where does the PTO spend its money? Through your volunteering and fundraising in the 2017-18 school year, the PTO was able to improve all of the 3rd and 4th grade classrooms with the purchase of brand new air conditioning units that will be fully functional in July 2018 (approx. $16,000).  In addition, the PTO also sponsored $27,000 in curriculum enhancements, donated $1,000 in scholarships, and organized and sponsored countless other events throughout the year, including the Welcome Back Breakfast, International Day, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (approx. $4,000).

The PTO was able to gift $30,000 in 2017 to the Montvale schools which was used for refurbishment of the FMS gymnasium, as well as purchasing new furniture for the students which will be located in the upstairs hallway of FMS.  In addition, the PTO also sponsored $16,000 in curriculum enhancements, donated $7,500 to 3R's Day and organized and sponsored countless other events throughout the school year. 

The PTO was able to help renovate the Memorial School Library with a $20,000 donation in 2016 and helped create a 21st Century Classroom at Fieldstone in with a $20,000 donation in 2015.  In addition the PTO supports FMS and MS annually with up to $25,000 in Curriculum Enhancements.

Examples of Memorial/Fieldstone Assemblies in 2017/18 School year: 

You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me Assembly at Fieldstone - $1,500

The Brain Show Assemblies at both Memorial & Fieldstone - $3,400

The Playful Earth Assembly at Memorial - $1,000

Totally Vocally - Ball in the House Assembly at Fieldstone - $1,960

Character Education Committee T-Shirts for the staff and students at Memorial - $4,396

Our children benefit directly and continually from your contributions and support of the PTO.

Thank You!