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The Montvale PTO is proud to partner with the following local businesses for Hot Food Mondays and Fridays:

  • A&J Bagels and Gourmet Deli
  • Francos Pizza
  • Ridgemont Pizza

2021-2022 PTO Public Meeting Dates:  


Please join us for our first PTO meeting of the school year September 29, 2021 at 7pm


All PTO meetings will commence at 7PM via Zoom. All Zoom links will be sent out the day before the meeting.


The Montvale Educational Foundation (MEF) is our partner organization. Please visit www.mef4kids.org for information.  

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Montvale PTO Committees


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Important Information from the Montvale School District 
In accordance with Governor Murphy's Executive Order 253,  as of October 18, 2021, all staff members who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must receive the vaccine or be subject to routine COVID-19 testing. Executive Order 253 also applies to contracted employees, vendors, providers and any other individuals working in the schools where regular visits to the schools are part of the individual’s job duties, including volunteers. Therefore, hot food volunteers, class parents, as well as others who will be spending time in the building will need to be vaccinated and/or subject to routine COVID-19 testing. This is subject to change based on state guidelines. Please reach out to Dr. Peterson with any questions.


Bookfair at Fieldstone Middle School
Chair:   2 needed

Volunteers will help to coordinate, set up and run a fun Bookfair event for our FMS students. The Book Fair generally runs over several days in the fall and end of the school year. 

Charleston Wrap Fundraiser
Chair:   Maureen Sutton & Maura Connors

Works with our contact person at Charleston Wrap, to oversee the virtual fundraiser from 9/2021-11/2021

Holiday Boutique
Chair:   Chairs needed

Fun holiday themed fundraiser at Memorial School! Volunteers set up a festive holiday "shop" and our students are able to purchase items for friends and family for gifting. 


Hot Food Fridays - Memorial
Chair:   Elyse Lovett & Jayme Somberg

Serve bagels and sandwiches 1 Friday a month. A 2.5 hour committment.

Hot Food Mondays - Memorial
Chair:   Gia Romano & Heidi Davis

Serve Pizza at lunch 1 Monday a month. A 2.5 hour committment.

Membership Drive
Chair:   PTO Board

Membership will offer families opportunities to volunteer for committees, class parent, or in other capacities. It will open the lunch purchacing option, as well as provide 2 PTO directory apps that make planning playdates and parties much easier! 

Memorial School Yearbook Committee 2021-22
Chair:   Lizzie Waldt & Judith Thomas

This committee will assist the Chair with gathering photos, acquiring advertisements from local businesses and parents wishing to send messages to their children and putting together the final product of the yearbook.  This committee will also assist with distributing yearbooks.  

2022 4th Grade Picnic Committee
Chair:   Maureen Sutton & Judith Thomas

A traditional celebration to mark the end of the 4th graders time at Memorial Elementary School.


8th Grade Dance Committee
Chair:   Susan Lulla, Erika Ruocco & Laurie Frezza

Celebration to mark the end of the 8th graders time at Fieldstone Middle School.

Hot Food Fridays - Fieldstone
Chair:   Daniela Aiello & Liz Mueller

Help serve Sandwiches & Bagels - Two hour shift

Hot Food Mondays - Fieldstone
Chair:   Gia Romano & Heidi Davis

Assist the Chair in distributing and serving pizza to the students - 2 hour shifts, assigned to a roster.  

2021 Ice Cream Social - Memorial School
Chair:   Melissa Richman & Jen Fish

A great night out for the whole family. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, clean up, collect tickets, and assist with activities. 

PTO Scholarship Committee 2022
Chair:   Jessica Gray

Works with staff and Administration to handle submissions, judging, and presentation of winners for the following Ethel Stalter Scholarship.

School Toolbox 2022
Chair:   Daniela Aiello

Chairpersons are needed to submit orders, coordinate unpacking & distribution. 



Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Fieldstone Middle School 2022
Chair:   Kristen Driver & Kristen Babb

For 2022, we are looking for Chairs to assist with the planning for the Teacher's appreciation 'lunch' This year will include coordinating and collecting items to present to the school (drop off only).We really want to thank all of our teachers for their hard work over this unusual year! 

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Memorial School 2022
Chair:   Arielle Rosa & Maureen Sutton

Assist with the planning for the Teacher's appreciation 'lunch' This year will include coordinating and collecting items to present to the school (drop off only).We really want to thank all of our teachers for their hard work over this unusual year!