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2021-2022 PTO Public Meetings:

  • September 29, 2021 -7pm via Zoom 
  • October 27, 2021-7pm via Zoom 
  • January 19, 2022 - 7pm via Zoom
  • March 24, 2022 -  7pm via Zoom 
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  • June 7, 2022 - 7:30 pm via Zoom 

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Fieldstone Middle School Class Coordinators 


The role of Class Coordinators:

  • collect the class funds from class parents in the Fall of each school year and submit remaining funds to the treasurer at the end each year. This is necessary for the PTO to keep accurate record of class funds. The class funds will be used towards the cost of Fieldstone Holiday celebrations and teacher gifts. The class fund also supports the cost of Graduation Events.
  • work with class parents to ensure that grade level parents are aware of activities funded by class funds (celebrations and teacher gifts.)
  • plan the Graduation Events (traditional 8th grade dance, 8th grade picnic/bbq, 8th grade Mixer) with the support of 8th grade class parents and any parent volunteers who would like to be involved.
  • maintain open communication with all parents of the grade level, in regard to how funds are spent (ie. parties, teacher gifts etc.)
  • If a parent does not want to continue as a class coordinator, a new volunteer position would be opened and filled as needed.


PTO membership required, experience as class parent is welcome, experience chairing and/or volunteering for PTO events is preferred. Expectations are to serve as class coordinator for 4 years, collect class funds, maintain open communication with PTO through VP of FMS, maintain open communication with parents, within the said grade. This role will be open for volunteers, in the Spring prior to the 4th grade moving up to Fieldstone. Interested parties can email PTOMontvale@gmail.com


Class of 2026  Maureen Sutton & Samantha D'Auria
Class of 2025 Daniela Aiello & Kristen Zoelle
Class of 2024 Judith Thomas & Jessica Panagiotou
Class of 2023 Annette Vozzolo & Dina Madonick
Class of 2022 Cindy Merlino & Dina Madonick